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Medical Studies - Year 6

The final year of the medical studies at Iuliu Hatiganu University of Medicine and Pharmacy is organized as follows:
1. Family medicine for adults and children.  * Clinical rotations are compulsory
2. Infectious diseases
3. Epidemiology
4. Dermatology
5. Obstetrics-Gynecology. Neonatalogy
6. Adult and child psychiatry
7. Emergency medicine
8. Legal medicine
9. Public health
10. Geriatry
11. 1 optional course
12. Works on M.D. thesis

The others words are:

Ore affectate pentru o serie de studenti = amount of allocated hours for 1 group of students
Total ore = total number of hours
An universitar = university year

Curs = lectures
Stagii. = stages

Forma de verificare = method of validation

E1 = exam in first semester
E2 = exam in second semester
V = validation by doing a specific work

Saptamana = week